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Manage and track your payment transaction data efficiently with everything from merchant statements and alerts to our next-generation Business Track® online portal and dashboard.

The Bloom Advantage

With 24/7 access to easy-to-use and flexible tools, our comprehensive Reporting Solutions suite lets you manage your business effectively.

  • Access payment information virtually anytime and anywhere
  • Increase efficiency with centralized access to information
  • An at-a-glance view of your processing information makes it easy to see the important information
  • Use flexible reporting solutions to manage data
  • Get notifications about key deposit, dispute, and reconciliation events

Key Components

  • Business Track® – A user-friendly web portal for accessing and managing all processing data
  • Business Track®Mobile – View your processing data from anywhere with mobile access
  • ClientLine® Reporting* – Access and analyze payment processing data through an online reporting tool
  • Data File ManagerSM*– Create, test, manage, and generate raw data files where you control the set-up and delivery
  • eIDSTM – Make life easier by automating the dispute management process to minimize chargeback losses, reduce risk, and prevent fraud
  • Merchant Alerts* – Receive timely notifications of reconciliation and dispute events that can affect the bottom-line
  • Merchant Statements* – Comprehensive reporting of submissions, chargebacks, interchange rates, funding information, and associated fees
  • Payments Tax ManagerSM – A centralized online tool to view, update, and manage store-level tax information

*Not available on all platforms

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