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No Fixed Term. No Fixed Payment Amount. No Interest Rate.

Clover Capital

Looking to expand or modernize your business, purchase additional inventory, or improve cash flow, but don’t want to take on a traditional loan? Bloom Borrow® works with Clover Capital, a program that turns your future sales into working capital you can use now and know you’ll be able to repay. To make things easy, Clover Capital advances you the funds and then withholds a percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales—meaning you pay more when sales are good and less should thing slow down.

Why Borrow With Bloom?

Taking out a loan can be daunting, but because the advanced funds are based on future sales, you’re borrowing what you’ll be able to repay

  • Grow Now

    Dream big and turn future sales into capital to grow your business right now

  • Fast Application

    The one-page application makes keeps things simple and straightforward

  • Quick Funds

    Receive approval within 24 hours and once you accept you’ll receive a deposit within 1-2 business days

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